Let’s Yoga!

I have always enjoyed yoga through the gym and online resources. But in 2015, my good friends Amber and Felicia convinced me to try out my first hot yoga class. Although I felt like I was going to die when I first walked into that 103 degree room, I left my first class with a total yoga high and wanting to do it again and again! After months of practicing all the time, a couple of my teachers convinced me to do the Teacher Training program through Corepower Yoga. I do not have enough nice things to say about Corepower’s TT program! I absolutely loved it. If you have questions about it feel free to email me!

Through Corepower I receieved my 200 hour Yoga certification (recognized by Yoga Alliance) as well as a 5 week extensions program to further my yoga education. I have found an intense passion for teaching. I received so much love, strength and connection through finding my own practice, and my goal is to share that feeling with my students.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: A practice that normally runs 60-90 minutes. I personalize the sequence for you, taking into consideration your physical ability, injuries, fitness goals, mental goals and include personal adjustments and massages. This is the ideal introduction to yoga, with one-on-one personal attention and plenty of time for questions, concerns and safety and alignment. I offer modified sequences for students who are injured, disabled, or have specific goals in mind.


PRIVATE GROUP CLASSES: A practice that normally runs 60-90 minutes. Want to do a class with friends? Have a special event like a bridal shower or bachelorette weekend? Let’s do it! I can design a sequence that fits what you want to get out of the class (relaxation, a super sweat session, maybe a specific theme).


GROUP CLASSES: A practice that normally runs 60 minutes. Organized classes that are based around a theme. Whether that’s delving into chakras, personal growth, self-confidence or “letting go”. These are reserved on a first come, first served basis. And require reservation.


WORKSHOPS/SPECIAL EVENTS: A practice that normally runs 90-120 minutes. Chakras, essential oils, plant based eating education, jewelry making. These workshops include a 60 minute yoga practice, and a 60 min lecture/activity.

To schedule yoga sessions, or group classes please contact me through 714-213-6071. Package pricing available.