Covalent is a lifestyle source for intelligent, driven gals who have a killer sense of humor & strive to live a healthy, happy, balanced life. This site is about bringing each other up, being honest & sharing wisdom with one another. Covalent is a fancy word that really means coming together, and that’s what our aim is.

Hello new friends! My name is Nathalie, and I run things here at Covalent. I have an intense passion for olives, animal rights, traveling, yoga, feminism, pickles & learning. I try to be better everyday, whether that’s through kindness, patience, compassion, or mitigating my personal impact on the environment. I want to share recipes to hopefully inspire others to rethink what food really means, and easy tips for living a more thoughtful and sustainable life. I am a certified yoga instructor and offer private sessions – click here for more information. I live in Southern California with my husband Erik and our two dogs, Cricket and Luna.

Covalent started as a group effort (Shoutout to my bestie: Amber @Fettle Vegan!), and I love featuring other writers on the site. If you think you’d fit in with our vibe, please get in contact with me! Whether it’s an idea for a single post or maybe you’d love to take on a larger role, email your submission or concept to for review. Please include links to your blog/website and put “Contributor Submission” in the subject line.

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